SFS provides detailed overdraft transaction analyses in support of legal defense strategy for class action matters. Working closely with banks and their associated legal counsel, SFS efficiently reorganizes voluminous overdraft transactions to accurately present facts that will support the legal strategy and mitigate potential damages from these claims.

As an objective third party, we also provide valuable strategic consultation in concert with bank management and outside legal counsel. In addition to defining and/or validating analytics methodologies that may have been provided by the bank IT department, we offer supplemental approaches and identify often overlooked items to reduce relevant overdraft fee income.

With the support of advanced proprietary software and in-house IT experts, we are skilled at analyzing large transaction databases, whether in the form of spreadsheets or massive corporate paper archives.

SFS has specific experience with multiple bank overdraft class action matters, including:

  • A clear understanding of the sensitivities of the class action legal process and discovery issues.
  • The nature and scope of plaintiff overdraft claims, damage calculation processes and plaintiff expert strategy.
  • In-depth knowledge regarding the complexity, volume and technical issues related to the acquisition of data involved in these cases, and the ability to transform report-formatted data into usable transaction data.
  • Experience in data modeling and alternative scenario development to support defense counsel strategy.


While each overdraft case is different, and defense counsel may consider multiple strategies, our basic data analysis approach includes, but is not limited to:

  • Data Acquisition Requirements – Understanding data criteria for the time period under investigation.
  • Data Validation – Validating current bank overdraft processing protocol and fee structure prior to data reorganization and alternative scenario development.
  • Data Analysis – Development of customized analyses based on our bank overdraft litigation experience.


After carefully reviewing the class action claim and scrutinizing the scope and availability of data transactions and requirements of legal counsel, we provide an estimate of costs and expected time frame for the production of reports and supporting documentation. Since different banking organizations may have unique data criteria, warehousing and processing considerations, we work closely with both banking personnel and legal counsel to ensure timely, efficient and clear communications between all parties.

SFS has extensive experience interfacing with a variety of outside data processing vendors and processing systems, and we are recognized for our world-class response times to the ongoing needs of defense counsel.

To learn more about SFS’s bank analytics services, please email customerservice@tradeanalysis.com or call (802) 879-2077.