Secure Financial Services, Inc. is the market leader in pioneering new techniques to make the process of preparing securities investment analyses more efficient and cost effective.

Now, as much of the data needed to produce arbitration-ready reports is already electronically archived by our clients, our proprietary system can import this archived data directly and securely into the SFS suite of investment analysis tools. Immediate value can be achieved with this new Direct Data Download system, including:

  • Reduced report production time
  • High-speed secure data transfer
  • Eliminated data entry costs
  • Rapid implementation
  • Report production flexility

Generating forensic investment analyses has traditionally required a manual key entry process to capture all necessary investment transaction information used to prepare arbitration-ready reports. With the SFS Direct Data Download capability, you can react quickly to potential exposure issues and create predictive models and exceptional reports that allow users to anticipate and prepare for possible matters of concern.

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