Secure Financial Services is best known for providing industry-leading Profit & Loss analyses of securities and commodities accounts to the financial and legal communities for the past 20-plus years.

But SFS’s proprietary software is also capable of processing and analyzing large swaths of disparate data records using complex queries through advanced database programming.

As an SEC-approved government contractor, SFS offers expert and tailored analytical solutions in response to unique clientele needs. Working in concert with our in-house IT experts, our team of analysts provides the full spectrum of Big Data services, from data extraction and scrubbing to analysis and modeling. Following a rigorous process of data cleansing and quality control, we identify data patterns, chart trends and highlight areas for supplemental analyses.

SFS developed a comprehensive set of quality assurance procedures, involving both internal personnel and software-based solutions, to ensure a maximum degree of accuracy for all deliverables. Our data security protocols exceed all state and federal regulations for the protection of personally identifiable information (PII), including controlled storage, access and transportation of records containing PII, and advanced data encryption, firewall protection and operating system security protocols.

To learn more about SFS’s Big Data analytics services, please email customerservice@tradeanalysis.com or call (802) 879-2077.